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Ask Prisca Brand and Marketing questions
Ask Prisca Brand and Marketing questions
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Sarah Ozo-Irabor is is a culture critic and digital content creator. She utilises new media to engage in different discussions about literature and reading culture. As well as being an extremely talented photographer, Sarah is the creator and host of 'Books & Rhymes, the podcast'...

Anne Milton is the Minister of Skills and Apprenticeship. She worked in the NHS for 25 years in different roles including in primary care, research and supporting palliative care nurses. After her time in the NHS Anne decided to go for it and enter politics. She has previously wo...

Coral Messam is an actress, movement director/practitioner and wellness instructor. With years of dance under her wing, Coral quickly became immersed in choreography and performing, and even toured globally with Kylie Minogue. She is currently the movement director for the forthc...

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