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Ask Prisca Brand and Marketing questions
Ask Prisca Brand and Marketing questions
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Ruby Aryiku is the co-founder of Vamp PR, a 'social' marketing agency. Ruby and the Vamp crew have worked on some fantastic UK premieres, including Girls Trip and Black Panther. Vamp PR tries to ensure that black influencers gain the same access to junkets and mainstream press ev...

Yrsa Daley-Ward is a writer, model and actor. So far she has published On Snakes and Other Stories, Bone and recent memoir The Terrible. Yrsa has also modelled for major brands such as Nike, Apple and Topshop.

Key takeaways:

  • Could self-publishing be perfect for you?

  • How to...

Danielle McDonald joined me in the studio for episodes 61 and 62. Danielle is 'The Clarity Architect' - she helps entrepreneurs and small business owners boost their business savviness. She is also the Founder of Brands of Colour, a membership platform for black female entreprene...

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