EP: 43 & 44 Entrepreneurial Florist Sapphire Bates

This week's episodes feature Sapphire Bates, a self-described"tattooed, Bill Murray and flower-obsessed woman". She is the owner and Creative Director of florist The Flower Arranger. Sapphire has also launched The Coven, an online and IRL community for creative women in business.

Key takeaways:

  • The importance of learning new skills, rather than constantly outsourcing

  • The importance of acknowledging feedback

  • Why the years in which you were unsure of your career path weren't 'wasted'

  • Why you don't have to go to uni to run a successful business

  • Why you should invest in yourself before asking someone to invest in you

  • Why you shouldn't be scared of monetising your business

  • How to learn about running a business from other businesses

  • How you can start a business without an initial portfolio

  • How to know what to charge for your goods/service

In Sapphire's first episode, we trade stories on learning various business aspects. You'll learn which factors are most overlooked, and what you can do to master them. We also open up about one of business' biggest taboos - money. How do you know what you're worth? Why does it seem that women undercharge more than men do? Listen to our refreshing convo about cash in episode 43.

Wanna Be has touched on the 'accidental entrepreneur' in episode 33 with Tobi Oredein. Sapphire continues the conversation in episode 44, with stories of her unconventional career path. She dabbled in fashion, media, retail and other areas before she started The Flower Arranger; naturally she has invaluable career tips. You'll also learn about the science and art of floristry, along with Sapphire's surprising role model.

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