ShoutOut Live Festival Live Show: Bethany Rutter

Bethany Rutter is a writer and podcaster. She co-hosts the books podcast What Page Are You On? and previously hosted the podcast Hello Friend. Her book Plus+ is a compilation of plus size style from around the world.

Key takeaways:

  • How to accept yourself when society is telling you not to

  • Do you think that you don't know anyone like you? Here's how the internet can help

  • How to deal with your online critics

  • What's concerned trolling and are you an unwitting perpetrator?

  • Three small acts of violence that plus-sized people experience everyday

  • Are diversity panels really useful?

  • Why over-saturation in creative sectors is a myth?

In this live recording from ShoutOut Live! Radical Women, Imrie asks Bethany about her personal journey. Bethany opens up to talk to the audience about her experiences as a fat person, and how they've changed throughout her life. She explains how fashion restricts plus-sized customers, and other minor acts of aggression that often go unnoticed. Imrie and Beth also talk about the making of Plus+. You'll learn how Bethany made her creation truly diverse. Also, Bethany drops tips on novel writing and navigating publishing. Finally, the pair tackle finding a space in saturated creative industries. Is there a place in podcasting for you? Find out...

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