EP 84: Anne Milton

Anne Milton is the Minister of Skills and Apprenticeship. She worked in the NHS for 25 years in different roles including in primary care, research and supporting palliative care nurses. After her time in the NHS Anne decided to go for it and enter politics. She has previously worked at the Department of Health and now is a Minister at the Department for Education.


  • Changing your career later in life (and the challenges you may face!)

  • What it's like being a woman in UK politics

  • The importance of exploring politics

  • Why you should explore all of your career options (including those outside of university)

In episode 84 things get political as Imrie talks to Anne about her career transition, and her experience as a female MP here in the UK. She explains the importance of exploring politics, and not just the popular party names that you hear about on the news. The two also touch on exploring all the career options that you have available to you, in and out of the University environment and you will learn about some of the potential challenges that you could face in switching careers.

A wonderful and interesting listen for sure, this episode will leave you feeling motivated and even more interested in the political scene. Who knows, you might even become an MP yourself!

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