EP 96: Gabby Edlin

Gabby Edlin is the founder of ‘Bloody Good Period’ a charity that helps collect and distribute sanitary products to asylum seekers. After noticing that the majority of food banks and asylum centres were not providing period products on a regular basis, Gabby new a change had to be made. She has been at the helm for 3 and a half years now and the movement and support she has garnered just keeps growing.


  • Periods!

  • Obtaining a masters degree

  • Professional feminism

  • Does activism pay?

In episode 96 Imrie and Gabby discuss what it means to be a professional feminist and activist. Gabby shares the transition from movement to business and the two talk about whether or not activism pays. This episode also touches on the subject of navigating anti-semitism and the pitfalls of a career in the arts.

This episode shares an amazing story and will leave you feeling totally inspired.


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