You have your social media under control. Matter of fact you low-key don't need anyone, but it would be nice to take a day off. This is where I come in. Tell me all about your baby and the unsolicited testimonials your customers send you. I love that your customers trust you and expect that personal touch but don't let fear of letting go drive you to burn out! What if you had the perfect schedule and all of the posts are all you, but you're out with friends? I'll be your on-demand digital marketing pro for up to 8 hours in a month providing you with the tools, structure and schedule to take back your free time AND maintain an engaging social presence. If you need me to be a little more involved, then level up to Silver.


  • 30-minute consultation call
  • 3 Month content strategy and calendar
  • 1x 300-word blog post OR 1x custom designed Email Newsletter
  • Social Media style guide 
  • 14 days of posts on Twitter/Facebook (5 days for Instagram)


Book today so we can begin building your empire!

Personal Marketing Assistant- Bronze

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