PAYE and pensions make hiring expensive, and you need every pound spent to get you results. Plus you're just not ready to have someone depend on you for their livelihood just yet. Rest assured I've been a digital marketer for over four years and have built my brand and business through social media and a substantial (and growing) email list.


My biggest weakness is that I'm an overachiever- no seriously. I'm the girl that spends an additional hour filling out my free one-page business plan template so that subscribers know what to do when they download it. I'm telling you this to say that if you're with me and I'm with you, you'll always a get a little more than what's on offer. I will be your on-demand digital marketing pro for up to 20 hours a month.


You can call me to write emails that beg to be opened or post like-inducing images on Instagram. Have a look at what I can get done in 20 hours. If you need me to be a bit more involved, then level up to Gold.


What's included:

  • 30-minute consultation call
  • 3 Month content strategy calendar
  • 2x 300-word blog posts
  • 1x custom designed Email Newsletter
  • Social Media schedule set up with 30 posts on Twitter or Facebook
  • Ad copy suggestions


Book today so we can start talking about all of the exciting things we can do to boost your sales and get people clicking on your website and emails.

Personal Marketing Booster- Silver

    Turn your idea's into reality in 2020 with the FREE one-page business plan:

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