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EP: 67 & 68 Ask Prisca About Confidence and Podcasting




Prisca Moyesa is back for her final episode of season one. Prisca is a branding and marketing expert who runs her own marketing agency, Moyesa & Co.  She is passionate about helping brands connect with culture.


Key takeaways:

  • How to be assertive without being rude.

  • Is the term 'pick your brain' offensive? Find out here.

  • Got a time sensitive request? Here's how to put polite pressure on the other party.

  • Three statements you should tell yourself before giving a talk

  • Use this simple tactic to get what you want in meetings ...


Prisca and Imrie kick off episode #67 with a brief review of the live show . They then move on to the main topic: confidence. Imrie and Prisca get their points across in different ways - which do you prefer? #TeamImrie or #TeamPrisca? The pair also open a treasure trove of tips for meetings. Discover how the delay, negotiate, premeditate and more. Finally, Prisca and Imrie reveal the good, the bad, and the ugly requests they've received.


As per usual, episode #68 is all about your questions. Listen and learn the answers to questions such as: Is podcasting really profitable given the effect of target demographics and black listening preferences: Is podcasting really profitable given the effect of target demographics and black listening preferences? How do you finance your podcast? How do you implement a complex marketing strategy with limited time and zero team members?



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