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EP 82: Hannah Jewell


Hannah Jewell is the Pop Culture Host for the video team at The Washington Post. Prior to this, Hannah was the senior staff writer at BuzzFeedUK, where she was loved and known for her writings on gender and politics. Author of the book "100 Nasty Women of History," Hannah created a story collection which profiles women who were deemed to be too unladylike and scandalous for their time. It's definitely worth the read if you want to be inspired by some bad-ass females. 


Key takeaways:

  • How to work with a literary agent

  • Harnessing your fluency in the internet

  • Developing confidence and authenticity 

  • What to do when you feel like a fraud 

  • Dealing with criticism from trolls


In episode 82, Imrie and Hannah talk about what it’s like working as a writer, and Hannah opens up about leveraging her fluency in the internet to develop her voice as a writer. She has some unconventional advice for practicing comedy and why it's important to her.


You’ll also learn how to deal with the ever unfortunate trolling and hate from bosses whilst still developing your style as a writer. If it’s authenticity you’re looking for, Hannah is definitely the girl, and this episode will leave you feeling like no lesser of the badass female you are.


Learn more:



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