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EP 88: Sarah Ozo-Irabor



Sarah Ozo-Irabor is is a culture critic and digital content creator. She utilises new media to engage in different discussions about literature and reading culture. As well as being an extremely talented photographer, Sarah is the creator and host of 'Books & Rhymes, the podcast' where she explores the intersection of literature and music, so if you're interested tune into the first episode which will be launching on the April 29th! If you’re taken by her you can also find her on the incredible ShoutOut Network podcast Not Another Book Podcast. Her literary works by the African Diaspora can all be found is documented and platformed on her website, booksandrhymes.com.


Key Takeaways

  • Getting into a creative role

  • Building a community

  • What is Bookstagram?

  • Getting into podcasting


In episode 88, Imrie and Sarah discuss getting into creative roles, such as Sarah's journey into photography. You'll learn why execution is so important to your work and the importance of building a community. There's also talk of podcasting, the easy and the not-so easy, and tips for you if you're interested in podcasting. You'll hear a thing or two about Bookstagram, and you'll be more than inspired when you see the Books and Rhymes Insta page!


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